NOLA is an acronym for New Orleans, Louisiana or La Nouvelle-Orléans our beloved home city. Our logo features the Fleur de Lis, the symbol of French Royalty that we New Orleanians have taken as our symbol of Rebirth after Hurricane Katrina. NOLA’s red standard poodle girls all have names that recognize the fabulous ladies that influenced our city and the boys of NOLA Standards have names that pay tribute to Da Boys! Our New Orleans Saints!

NOLA’s fine red standard poodles are stunning examples of color and conformation in the standard poodle.  NOLA Standards has as our foundation AKC CH Antoinette Bordeaux du NOLA's Caniche Rouge!  The 7th Red Standard Poodle AKC Champion and the youngest red standard poodle to achieve her AKC Championship! It is the mission of NOLA Standards to breed to consistently produce “fine reds” -standard poodles with brilliant color, exceptional conformation, carriage and fabulous personalities while staying true to the purebred poodle, incorporating old and diverse bloodlines to maintain the health and integrity of the Standard Poodle.


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As a member of the Deep South Obedience Club, Corresponding Secretary for the Creole Poodle Club of Louisiana, Corresponding Secretary for the Apricot Red Poodle Club, a Volunteer for Creole Poodle Rescue and the editor of the ARPC RAP Sheet and the CPC Lagniappe, I have committed myself and the Standard Poodle Krewe at NOLA Standards  to promoting and protecting the purebred standard poodle.


I am an owner handler and poodle fancier dedicated to responsible pet ownership education with hopes that everyone will meet and interact with a beautifully bred, well behaved standard poodle.  I am passionate about improving the structure, health and temperament of "the color", red and apricot standard poodles, carefully breeding to maintain diversity, incorporating rare pedigrees that studies indicate are essential to the health and longevity of my much loved Standard Poodles.


Breeding the color...


It’s an endeavor!   Any reputable red breeder will confess…  Puppies that are the deepest red can turn apricot by the time they are a year old and pups born almost cream will surprisingly darken!  And, even after all these years, there are still only 8 Red Standard Poodle AKC Champions.  NOLA's Antoinette is the 7th!

At NOLA Standards, we have quite the Krewe!   They are exceptional examples of red and apricot standard poodles and they have quite the fan clubs.  Antoinette entered her first AKC Dog Show at 11 months old - taking Reserve the first time in the show ring!  She finished just after her 2nd birthday - the 7th Red Standard Poodle AKC Champion in the United States! B is in the ARPC (Apricot Red Standard Poodle Club) Hall of Fame as the youngest red standard poodle puppy bitch to point in an AKC Dog Show (she was only 7 months old)!  Lombardi was the first AKC Grand Champion Apricot Dog Standard Poodle and he is only the 3rd Bred By Exhibitor Apricot AKC Champion.  Brees is my 2nd AKC Bred By Exhibitor Champion and the 6th Bred By Exhibitor Apricot AKC Champion!

This year, both Lombardi and Brees have colorful offspring in the ring, making NOLA proud! (The boys really aren't as impressed as they should be!)  Watch for photos and updates, brags and breed news.

Check in often, for the Krewe's latest and my plans for NOLA's "Fine Reds".    

History Lesson...

In the early 1980s IIse Konig of Shangri La Kennels returned home from Europe where she had admired a red miniature poodle at a dog show.  It was her idea to breed the first red standard poodle.  She worked with Palmares Kennel in Oregon and they mated a small apricot standard poodle to a large red miniature poodle.  Thirty plus years later all red standard poodles descend from this line, with recent generations outcrossing to acquire much needed conformation, all the while attempting to maintain that glorious red coat.


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